Glen Rundell, Founder

Glen RundellGlen Rundell, founder, chairman and CEO of National Physiatry, has many years of healthcare experience and has always been an innovator looking to improve existing conditions and patient care. A consummate entrepreneur who also held top positions at several other companies, he has been providing physiatrists to skilled nursing centers and other post-acute
rehab settings for more than a decade.

Glen founded National Physiatry to improve the short-term rehab process for sub-acute, post-op patients. Additionally, he works with post-acute care centers to improve their marketing efforts with the goal of increasing census and market share by providing National Physiatry’s Physician-Led Rehab Program® as a service differentiator.

Glen led enhancements to the company’s existing telehealth/telephysiatry program during the pandemic. He is now leading new therapy methods for both short-term recoveries and those patients who experience a longer recovery period, which is becoming more common.

He continues to stay involved with his community, family and several charities.

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