Happy and Satisfied Patients, Primary Physicians and Hospitals Promote Increased Referrals.

National Physiatry’s mission is to consistently provide high quality patient care through our exclusive Physician-Led Rehab Program® throughout the nation.

National Physiatry provides physicians specializing in rehab at no cost to your center.

National Physiatry is the key to unlocking the power of your rehab.

National Physiatry Benefits for Sub-Acute & Skilled Nursing Rehab Units:

  • Physician-Led Rehab Program®
  • Physician Medical Documentation
  • Exclusive Customer Service
  • Re-Hospitalization Reduction
  • Differentiation of Services
  • Compliance Review
  • Physician/Team Education
  • Timely Patient Outcome Reports
  • Marketing & Census Building

All National Physiatry services are at no cost to your rehab center.

These programs are designed to be flexible and adaptive for your team and rehab centers.
Please contact us to schedule a more detailed discussion.